The CMM Non-Competitive Festival is, along with our commitment to excellence in teaching, an extremely important and essential component of the CMM mission and commitment to parents and students. As is the case with examinations at the end of a school year, it is the one event near the end of the school term which motivates students to achieve a higher standard of performance and it is the one time when parents can appreciate the value of their investment in their childrens musical training.  It is also the event which gives parents the opportunity to benefit from the experience of observing the musical achievements of their own child and other children.


The focus of CMMs Non-Competitive Festival is on the experience of performing in a non-competitive environment. The adjudicator assigns no rankings but gives immediate feedback which reinforces what is taught in class, while providing positive feedback for the students or ensembles performance.  All performers will receive a remark sheet and a certificate  that commemorate their experience at the Festival.





CMM's 20th Non-Competitive Festival

SUNDAY 7th April 2019

ELIGIBILITY:              Participants must be students of CMM. Since this is not a 

                                           competition, there are no age limit or previous study 



VENUE:                         Templegate Hotel, Ennis.


OPEN SESSIONS:        Performers play in front of the other class members, as

                                           well as in front of an audience. Generally the audience are

                                           family members, friends and CMM teachers.  There is no

                                           on-the-door  admission charge to the Festival.





Dr. Shannnon Burns

Dr. Shannon Burns is a music educator and performer based in Limerick City. Originally from New York, she obtained her Bachelor of Music in Education degree from Ithaca College studying saxophone with Dr. Steve Mauk. She has completed musical studies in the USA as well as studying African music in Ghana. These experiences lead her to Ireland to pursue her M.A in Ethnomusicology at the Irish World Academy in the University of Limerick. 


Her M.A. research focused on the social identity and participation in a community brass and reed band.  After completion of her degree she began teaching modules on music theory, ethnomusicology, notation software and ear training to undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD students in the Academy. Her PhD research, Transmitting Music Theory: A Performative and Pedagogical Exploration in an Irish Higher Education Intuition focused on the use and creation of a performance based music theory curriculum for third-level students.

Outside her work in the Academy she is a founding co-Director and teacher in the Redemptorist Centre of Music, which provides access to music tuition for adults and children throughout Limerick.


She is also an active performer on both saxophone and clarinet. She has performed in master classes and concerts with the Bob Mintzer, West Point Jazz Band, Eugene Rousseau, Col. Arnold Gabriel, Ken Edge, Irish Youth Wind Ensemble, University of Limerick Orchestra, the Blue Monk Quartet and the Irish Symphonic Wind Orchestra.